• What is Self Storage?

What is Self Storage?

More and more people and businesses are facing difficulties in managing their rented or owned space, and are turning to self-storage as a means of de-cluttering, organizing, and managing possessions, equipment, documents, and so much more. Self storage essentially provides both personal and business users with a cost-effective, secure, and flexible storage solution that they can control themselves.

Takhzeen provides a range of storage room sizes; simply book the size that suits your requirements, store all your items, relax with the knowledge that your possessions are in a safe and controlled environment, and feel free to access them whenever you like (24 hours a day, 7 days a week!)

Trying to estimate how much storage space you need isn't always easy, and since we don't want you to pay more than necessary, we've developed a storage size estimator that should help you get a good idea of the space you need. We always think it's best to speak with one of our service representatives; we're here to help you!



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