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At a cost of USD 17 million Takhzeen Self Storage Facility is Launched

Under the patronage of Dr. Hassan Fakhro, Minister of Industry and Commerce, Al Khaleej Development Company “Tameer” announced the completion and launch of its state of the art US$17 million self storage project Takhzeen. The project, which is built over a land area of 20,000 square meters is located in Bahrain Investment Wharf (BIW) within Salman Industrial City, is designed to provide individual and business users with cost-effective, secure, and flexible self storage solutions that they can control themselves.

The launch which took place at Takhzeen’s premises included a tour around the facility and some of its storage units. The facility provides 18,000 square meters of temperature controlled storage space distributed over 2 identical buildings of which building 1 provides 800 storage units that vary in size from 2.5 to 30 square meters catering to the differing storage demands of individuals and businesses; from the likes of appliances, furniture, cars, camping equipment, and boats, to documents files, records, and company transcripts. Building 2 provides larger storage units ranging from 100-200 square meters for larger storage requirements.

During the opening ceremony, Dr. Fakhro confirmed the importance of logistic service projects that support major industrial projects that will provide effective solutions and options for many projects that operated in Salman Industrial City and which will contribute to increase Industrial production efficiency of these mega projects. The minister praised at the same time the positive step pursued by Al Khaleej Development Company “Tameer” in pushing development and industrial process in the Kingdom of Bahrain. He noted in this regard, the Minister of Industry and Commerce keenness in follow up all steps of value added projects which will effectively contribute in achieving Economic Vision 2030.

Board of Directors and Chairman of Takhzeen’s Board of Directors noted, “Takhzeen is an immediate translation of Tameer’s strategic intent to diversify the nature of its real estate investments. In light of the current market challenges within the region and beyond, this direction will bring into Tameer’s repertoire projects yielding operational income, as well as alternative value-adding ventures such as infrastructure projects, industrial projects, and service-oriented developments; all of which will ensure a wider range of income generating involvements.

Mr. Al Qattan further said, “Takhzeen is the first storage facility of its kind in the region in terms of its size, scale, management approach, and service capacity. The operations are driven by a team of specialists in the field of storage in order to ensure the highest service standards are implemented and to build a basis for expansion of the concept in the GCC and Middle East.

He expanded on this, at an operational level noting, “There are a number of reasons why individuals and businesses look to self storage as an answer to limitations in space. Takhzeen provides a means of de-cluttering, organizing, and managing possessions, equipment, documents, and so much more. The company is guided by the promise of providing flexible storage (in terms of booking durations and sizes of units), convenient access (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), and security of client possessions (all units are locked and guarded by CCTV and on-site security staff). Insurance is also available to our clients, should they choose to use it. Essentially, we provide peace of mind, convenience,and flexibility; all at affordable monthly rates.

Notably, the concept of self-storage is new to the Kingdom of Bahrain. Takhzeen is set to provide innovative solutions for storage and space management through providing flexible storage units and flexible rental periods with full support services, such as access control, security, safety equipment, insurance, loading, transport and parking spaces. It is envisioned that Takhzeen will become the MENA region’s foremost brand in self storage. The company has plans to expand its operations by opening new facilities in the GCC countries, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Morocco, amongst other regional markets.



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