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Business Services

We believe business should come first, so we've set up some services to help free up some time for you to focus on your own business. Our services are designed with you in mind, so if you have any suggested services you would like to see as part of our range, please do let us know through our general contact form.

Right now, the services we can offer are

Receipt and Dispatch

Rather than wait around for your courier to collect or deliver your parcels, simply provide our address and we will sign for your packages, whether sending or receiving, freeing up your time for other matters.

Mailboxes and Addresses

In need of a dedicated and completely confidential mailbox or address for your business? Look no further, we can set both up for you!

Forklift and handling equipment

There's no need to worry about struggling with heavy items, our team can assist you with forklifts, trucks, and moving trolleys to ensure your items are easily moved into storage

24/7 Access

access to your items is completely within your control, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

PIN Code Access

Your storage room is secured by a secure PIN code, ensuring the safety of your belongings at all times


Further security of the entire facility is guaranteed with 24 hour digital CCTV

Individual Room Alarms

Still worried? Each storage room is set up with its own alarm to protect your belongings

Private & Confidential

Se take your privacy seriously, and guarantee security and confidentiality at all times

Climate Control

Our storage facilities are not only clean and safe, they are also climate controlled to ensure the well being of your items


We've worked on getting you some of the most competitive rates. Our dedicated team will be happy to discuss the various options with you.



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